Sex with my Mother-in-law

Sex with my Mother-in-law

By Rajean Mahabeer
This incident occurred a few months ago.

My mother-in-law a rather shapely lady in her
middle 40’s still had that

electricity to make any man take a second look .
Been a rather shapely,

slim, tall, modern women wearing clothing from
sarees to dresses any

skirts with rather skimpy tops was no exception
to my eye’s.

From the shape of her saree blouse and fitting
tops it was easy to see

that she had excellent well shaped boobs. She
would often wear thin

skirts or her nighty and walk around the house.
I was especially fond of

watching her while she prepared my breakfast. As
she would bend forwards

at the hips to get something from the bottom
shelf of the kitchen

cupboard and it was clear that sometimes she had
no panties on as you

could not see the outlines of one. I would often
imagine her naked and

the position of her pussy when she bent
forwards. Often when she wore a

loose dress and bent forwards I would walk to
the sink to get a glass of

water. This would give me an opportunity to get
a glimpse of her boobs

but as always only the cleavages were visible. I
often dreamt of seeing

her nipples.Whilst eating she would stand at the
open kitchen door and

chat with me. The morning sun usually is very
strong in the kitchen and

this makes her skirt completely see through
giving you a clear

silhouette of her long shapely legs and juicy
thighs which were not too

thin or too fat but just juicy. One hot summer
morning I arrived at 7am

in the kitchen a bit early for breakfast to find
her seated at the

kitchen door with her skirt raised to her thighs
eyes closed and facing

me trying to catch some of the breeze been blown
by the kitchen fan. I

stood there awe struck and silent and my eyes
traveled from her feet

with neatly painted toes, up her legs to her
thighs which were slightly

spread catching a glimpse of her white panty.
This was the first time I

saw the naked skin of her upper legs and thighs.
All of a sudden I

realized the I had an erection and wearing only
my sleep shorts and a

T-shirt, my dick stood up like Pinocchio’s
nose. This caused me to

suddenly sit down before she open her eyes and
saw my erection. With the

haste to sit, I bumped over a glass on the table
causing her to stir and

quickly regain her composure. While she prepared
my breakfast my earlier

view was imprinted on my mind and how I dreamed
and wished that I could

see her nude to touch, suck and screw. After
serving me breakfast she

went to get something from her room and at the
same time I thought of

the sleeping tablets the doctor had given me the
previous day. Just two

of them caused me to sleep like a baby for 8
hours. Earlier that morning

my wife complained that no mater how hard she
tried she could not get me

up that night and I had no recollection of this
event. All of a sudden

an idea entered my head and without a second
thought I raced to my

bedroom grabbed 2 of the wonder tablets returned
to the kitchen and

popped them into her cup of tea. Now realizing
that from 7:30 am eight

hours would be 3:30pm. My father in-law and wife
were partners in the

family business and had left town to go to
another town for a 3 day

business congress. A few minutes later mother
in-law returned, chattered

with me while I had breakfast and she her tea.
After breakfast I went to

my room and she to the shower. 30 minutes later
I decided to go

investigate the results of my handy work only to
find mother in-law in

her after shower dress fast asleep on her bed.
To test I called out to

her several times, no response. I shook her
hands and tickled under her

feet she did not awaken. Alas I knew I achieved
what I intended. Just

looking at her and seeing her outlines once
again gave me an erection. I

slowly undid the chest buttons of her dress to
reveal her perfect

whitish mounds and nipples I caressed her
nipples and then began to suck

on them only to notice the nipples harden.
Hastily I undid the rest of

the buttons to reveal her completely naked body.
Her skin was soft to

the touch and fair in complexion. I hastily
spread her legs to reveal

the most fuckable pussy I ever saw. The pussy
hairs were neatly trimmed

short. Just then she turned over to reveal a
beautiful ass. By now my

erection was out of control and I could feel my
precum flowing. Her

mouth was slightly open and without hesitation I
inserted my entire

manhood into her soft was mouth. Her unconscious
reflex was to suck on

the contents of her mouth and within seconds I
shot a hot load into her

mouth. I then went to work between her thighs,
licking her pussy lips

then her clit all the while putting my dick
between her toes and within

minutes her unconscious reflex caused her to
orgasm. By now I was fully

erect again and with a lot of impatience got on
top of her and inserted

my penis as deep as I could into her vagina and
to my amazement found it

to be very tight. Her thick pussy lips formed an
excellent seal around

my dick. I fucked her slowly feeling bit of her
warm moist pussy. I then

came shooting loads of cum deep within her
pussy. I laid back and a few

minutes later I was ready again, I turned her
over, spread some cum over

her ass hole and spent 10 minutes fucking her
ass. I think this was the

first time she was fucked in the ass as she was
extremely tight and this

caused me some pain, but I enjoyed every second
of it. This fucking of

her pussy and ass continued for the rest of the
eight hours. I fucked

her mouth, pussy and ass several times that day.

This was just the beginning of me fucking my
mother in-law. At a later

date I would tell you more as well as how she
found out I fucked her on

several occasions without her knowing.

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